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Dancing Lessons: A Documentary by Mark Waren
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Dramatic Risks Presents
Dancing Lessons: A Documentary 
by Mark Waren
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Dancing Lessons is a story of survival in Nazi-occupied Paris. 
Prior to the Occupation, Florence Waren arrived in Paris with one goal in mind: to dance for the Ballet Russes, one of the best in the world.

Against all odds, she auditioned and was accepted! 

Then the Germans marched in to France. 

Faced with the real tension between fascism and her own ideas and goals, she was able to triumph and survive by treading the thin line between performance and resistance.

In hiding and in the spotlight, we too are drawn to ask: What does someone do when the abstract realm of political ideals threatens to interfere with a lifelong dream that has demanded years of focus and discipline?

  Dramatic Risks is honored to announce the past locations where Dancing Lessons has been shown:

Columbia Gorge International Film Festival


Millennium Film Workshop

Duo Theater

92YTribeca Jewish Cultural Center

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